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Smart due in Brazil's urban centers in April 2009

While Brazil still gets its share of ethanol-friendly auto debuts (see: Sand'up, Renault), not every green-leaning vehicle introduced there needs to suck down the sugarcane. Daimler's smart fortwo, for example, gets solid MPG numbers and low CO2 emissions when running on gasoline and, starting in April 2009, Brazilian buyers can choose the little city runner. Mercedes-Be

Officially Official: GM debuts Chevy GPiX Concept in Sao Paulo

Click above for high-res gallery of the Chevy GPiX Concept

Gunmen ambush Toyota F1 team members in Sao Paulo

It's no secret that Sao Paulo can be a dangerous place. Business travelers who frequent the city will be able to tell you about the precautions companies recommend they take to protect themselves. Don't leave the hotel. If you do, don't walk alone. Don't carry a laptop (it makes you an instant target for robbery). Wait for taxis inside the lobby. (Example: Criminals will case the hotels, looking for obvious b