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AltCar 2008: Terry Tamminen says green is the new red, white and blue

Here's a tip for Terry Tamminen: retire the joke already. You know, the one about Arnold Schwarzenegger and whoever just introduced you as a speaker, how they were pumping iron together back in the day? We heard it about Ed Begley at the 2006 Alt Car Expo and then again at Sebastian Blanco

AltCar 2008: Let's get ready to alt-energy rummmble! (yawn)

Dr. Andy Frank, the "godfather" of the plug-in hybrid

AltCar 2008: LA Times panel hates/loves GM, and more

For me, the highlight of the weekend's panel discussions at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo was two guys just sitting around and chatting. The reason the hour-long freeflowing discussion between the men was so good was that they - Dan Neil (left in the picture above) and Ken Bensinger, both writers at the Los Angeles Times - were smart, funny and unafraid. Basically, it's what you want in a discussion of where things stand today in the automotive industry: two people calling it like they

Altcar 2008: Big Blue Buses of the future unveiled

Three new and radical bus concepts were unveiled in Santa Monica this morning as part of the third annual AltCar Expo. The bus of the future contest is an exercise in what's possible down the road, but it's also very timely: public transportation ridership in Santa Monica is up seven percent compared to last year.

It's not all bad news at Tesla, LA store construction starts

With a co-founder being shown the door and nagging issues with the transmission, these are trying days for the team at Tesla Motors. Rumors swirl from a notoriously unreliable source that the WhiteStar sedan has been killed, although Darryl Siry explained during Sam Abuelsamid

AltCar Expo 2007: Transportation Planning Session

At the Transportation Planning Session panel on Friday morning, the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo gave space for a variety of speakers to expound on the broad challenges confronting transportation planners in the region. While the discussion focuses on how LA can improve, there are a lot of areas in the world that face similar problems, so I thought this would be of interest to quite a few readers.