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The ride-hailing app will arrange transportation for a one-way trip across the border.

Drugs, weapons and stolen vehicles sold to undercover investigators

An extensive crime ring in San Diego, Calif., involving over 50 people including 7 active duty Marines, 7 retired Marines and a Navy sailor was busted in a sting operation on Thursday.

Drug runners attached pot to vehicle undercarriage

Drug smugglers are always looking for new ways of moving their products across borders.

Runaway Prius in San Diego – Click above to watch the video after the jump

If you happen to be in San Diego this afternoon you may get a chance to view what Nissan 's director of product planning and strategy, Mark Perry, is calling "a true market introduction" of the electric car that the company will offer for sale in America next year. It won't actually look like the coming 5-seater, but under the Nissan Cube skin is said to lay the same drivetrain as the 2010 model. While speaking about the upcoming event, Perry let slip that the pricing of the vehicle will be comp

Click above for more motorcycles from the San Diego Auto Museum

Click the 1948 Tucker above for more from the San Diego Auto Museum

It was late 2005 when Nissan announced it was packing up operations in Southern California and moving to Tennessee. If you didn't choose to move east of the Mississippi, and many didn't, you were looking elsewhere for a new job. Some of the lucky few who dodged the axe worked for Nissan Design America, the North American design team split between sites in Farmington Hills, MI and San Diego, CA. Now, it seems those workers may have lost their immunity, too.

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/world_news/Ford_and_GM_pitch_in_to_recovery_efforts_in_SoCal'; Ford maintains a large operation in Irvine, California, which happens to be an area greatly affected by the recent Southern California wildfires. While Ford's facilities are out of danger, many Southern Californians have lost their homes and are in need of assistance. Ford has sprung into action with a relief effort, much like automakers did immediately following the disaster that was Hurricane Katr

The Coronado Classic Speed Festival was held in San Diego this weekend and we had people on hand to cover it for you. Part of the General Racing Ltd. historic racing series, it featured over 200 of history's top racecars. All racing within a few feet of the thrilled fans. This type of racing is so incredibly fun. Seeing some of the greatest vehicular icons in motorsports being driven the way they were intended to be instead of in a static display at some concours or museum. And that's what vinta

Following the attention electric cars recently received from the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car?", here's news of a plan to build an electric fishing/pleasure boat.

San Diego (home of the multi-fuel pump and the 300 mpg prototype) could soon be the home of a B100 biodiesel production facility. The Board of Vision Energy Group, Inc. has requested a financial feasibility study on the facility, which would be able to produce 7 million gallons a year in the beginning. The plan calls for a final goal of 50 million gallons a year. That's a lot of B100. The biodiesel will be made from a variety of biomass sources, including "soybean oil, cottonseed oil, rapeseed o