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2010 Ford Fusion – Click above for hi-res image

On Sunday, Philip E. Clapp, president of the National Environmental Trust, wrote an opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle arguing that Toyota should not be penalized for selling two of the top three most fuel-efficient vehicles in the country. The company's only crime was that they invested roughly $1 billion in their hybrid drive train while the Big 3 were violating the nation's minimum fuel economy requirements and then effectively marketed the Prius which soon became an icon for enviro

We've written a lot about the various ways biodiesel is promoted and used in San Francisco (click here for previous stories). The San Francisco Chronicle spent the time and column inches to produce a long feature on the biofuel in yesterday's Sunday edition and found the general trend over the past few years in the biodiesel community is a transition from hobby fuel to general use and government promotion through, for example, using biodiesel in fleet vehicles.