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It seems that some are less affected by the current economic downturn than others. At the 12th hour of the 12th day of the 11th month the upcoming "Super Car" from Hybrid Technologies, packaged with a trip for two to Los Angeles and the chance to drive it on a racetrack, became available for one lucky person to buy at the low low price of $100,000 via Sam's Club. It wasn't available for long, as a day later, the Sam's Club website says it's sold. We can only wonder whether or not the buyer-to-be

We've known for some time that Hybrid Technologies was planning on bringing an electric supercar to the Progressive Automotive X Prize but now comes word that they're also bringing it to a lucky Sam's Club shopper. And by "lucky" we mean wealthy, since the super-sized price tag on this "supercar" is $100,000. That's a little less than what a Tesla Roadster goes for these days but it's enough money to buy about 10 Nissan Versas. It's not the first time the North Carolina-based company has worked