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To people watching Barack Obama's election night speech from Chicago, Sam Perry is known as the guy who Oprah leaned on. To electric car enthusiasts, he's also known as the guy who bought Tesla Roadster #100. Over at the Tesla Motors site, Perry has written an essay on what it's like to own this all-electric vehicle and his famous new friend. Being caught up in Obama's "arc of history," Perry writes, has given him a chance to spread the word about Tesla and electric vehicles in general.

Before Tesla handed over the keys to the 100th Roadster earlier this week, all they would say was that the buyer was "a special customer." A later announcement identified the buyer as "Sam Perry, a Silicon Valley business advisor and ardent campaign supporter of Barack Obama." That may sound pretty anonymous, but there's a good chance you've seen Mr. Perry, since he gained instant celeb status a month ago when Oprah cried on his shoulder on election night. Now, Mr. Man is not only Oprah's new BF