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Out of whack: Domestic dealerships outnumber Asians by 5 to 1 margin

The amount of automotive dealerships in the United states is staggering. Domestic dealerships alone number over 15,000 in the US. For perspective, there are less than 13,000 McDonald's restaurants in the US. At the current rate, the Detroit three's dealerships are shrinking at a three- to four-percent rate, much slower than share declines that are crippli

Same old song: Honda, Toyota to See Double Digit Growth in January

In the 'this is not news' department, Honda and Toyota are going to steal market share from General Motors and Ford. The only part of the story that changes is the date. This time the headline holds true for January 2007. Gas prices hit $2 per gallon in January, about 50% lower than in January 2006. That, combined with winter weather, would usually mean a spike in sales of SUVs and trucks, but at this point the American public seems to know better. The shift has bee

Japanese car makers keep selling lots of small cars. U.S. automakers? Not so much

In case you're wondering why all of a sudden so many car ads on TV are talking about fuel economy, here's why. Toyota and Honda both had an excellent month for selling cars in May, selling 16-17 percent more vehicles than last May. The Big Three American automakers all sold fewer vehicles. GM was down 12 percent, Chrysler was down 11 and Ford was down 2. The Washington Post article on the change in