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A while back we had a chance to sample Saleen's take on the Sport Truck phenomenon, the Saleen S331 SC Sport Truck. After driving both the supercharged and normally aspirated versions, we predicted that the SC would sway the bulk of buyers. Turns out we were right, and for 2008, Saleen has dropped the NA version of the S331 all together. Interested Saleen truck buyers will still have some options, however, as the S331 lineup's been expanded to include a new four-door SuperCrew version of the tru

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var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/business_finance/First_Drive_Saleen_S331_is_equal_parts_sport_and_truck'; We recently had a chance to sample Saleen's newest offering, the S331 Sport Truck, in and around Newport Beach, California. A small fleet of these sport trucks looked right at home parked in front of the Harbor, directly in the shadows of the multi-million dollar yachts at the Balboa Bay Club. We even had an older couple chase us down in their customized BMW 7-series and place an order. W

This just in from our friends at Fast-Autos.net: production on the Saleen S331 sport truck is well underway at Saleen's irvine, CA production facility, and they were able to get inside for an up-close look at the process (check out the photos after the jump).