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Dutch researchers might have a way for pothole-filled roads to fix themselves, while also solving range anxiety for electric car drivers.


She got out and moved barricades on a closed road


Brake upgrade was promised as standard equipment


Up an estimated 11 percent over the previous year.

That's 6,000 pedestrians killed, an additional 620 more than the year before.


Uber suspended its self-driving car testing after a crash in Tempe, Ariz., but Monday it announced it was resuming operations.

Think driving will get easier once the winter season ends? Think again.

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Things are getting scary out there.


More safety features complement the Prius C's sterling fuel efficiency.

Toyota complements collision-avoidance, lane-assist, and automatic high-beam deployment features on its Prius C compact hybrid with improved styling.

It is not uncommon for car owners to hit deer while driving.


Tireless safety crusader was 72.

While a thorn in the side of automakers, Ditlow's efforts saved lives.


Drive the wrong way, and prepare to be bombarded by alerts.

Pairing a front-facing camera with navigation data could make wrong-way drivers a thing of the past.

Tires are one of the most important parts of any vehicle.

Each week we compile the best announcements and developments from the world of cars.


Uber drivers will be taking more selfies than teenagers.

Need a ride? First, let's take a selfie.

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Hövding is a Swedish made wearable airbag for cyclists.


They were buggy from the start.

One step forward, one step back?

The compact car and SUV segments are among the most active segments in the car market right now.