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The major auto shows are a flurry of action during the media preview days. Sometimes, there are just 30 minutes between unveilings and all of the cool concept cars hit the media scene pretty much at once. The South East Automotive Media Organization has taken a leisurely look back at the concepts that were on display this past show season and decided that the Land Rover LRX (pictured) and the Saab 9-X BioHybrid were two ABG faves that deserve to be named at the seventh annual North American Conc

Details continue to trickle out the concept that Saab will unveiling in Geneva next week, although images are still restricted to the one shown above. It's now being reported that the car will be called the 9-X BioPower BioHybrid rather than the 9-1X. As previously discussed, the 9-X will run on ethanol as is the fashion in Scandinavia these days. The engine itself will probably be a 1.4L turbo which is likely to be a preview of the engine coming to the Astra next year. Again following the patte