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It looks like Saab has managed to reach a deal with Hemfosa Fastigheter AB to secure short-term funding. The automaker has sold 50.1 percent of its Trollhättan properties to the Swedish real estate consortium for $39.98 million. Saab will then enter into a 15-year lease agreement in order to continue to use the properties. Right now, the deal encompasses around 5.2 million square feet of building space, though the consortium has the option to purchase more shares of the property until 30 da


Saab may have finally found a willing partner to buy the company's assets and lease them back to the automaker. According to Reuters, the Swedish real estate firm Hemfosa has agreed to make the move, but the complex financial situation surrounding Saab may make the deal difficult. The European Investment Bank must first sign off on the plan, and both Pangda and Youngman – two Chinese partners in the Saab dance – are also required to pay some money. Saab needs the deal to go through i