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Application filed to terminate Saab reorganization, Muller goes for loan

It all comes down to this: Mr. Guy Lofalk, the administrator in charge of Saab's reorganization for the Swedish government, has signaled his intent to apply for termination of the voluntary reorganization of the automaker.

Saab hoping to secure $157M bank loan, posts $324M first half loss

Saab is against the ropes, it's the bottom of the ninth with two outs, fourth and goal and [insert other cliched sports analogy here]. The struggles faced by the Swedish automaker have been a constant news item for a long time now – Business deals went south, and the automaker has since been on a downward spiral of collections claims, angry supp

Report: Saab secures financing to restart production

Are the dark clouds parting over Trollhättan? According to Saabs United, it's starting to look that way. Swedish automaker Saab has just received a green light that will allow it to borrow money from a European bank.

Report: Saab dealers stumping up $24M in unsolicited funds to make Spyker deal a reality

Spyker's deal to purchase General Motors' ailing Saab division out of the throes of insolvency appears to be moving along quite nicely. Production of vehicles is underway, a plan is in place to launch critical new models and the European Union has Jeremy Korzeniewski

Bank of America refusing to give loans for Saabs?

Saab floats along in limbo as General Motors figures out what to do with its Swedish plum, meaning that dealers are stuck with moribund product to try and unload. It's as nasty as it sounds for the automaker, but for buyers, it means deals on Saabs like never before.