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The United Kingdom doesn't have the potential to grow crops for domestic production of a huge amount of biofuels, but that isn't stopping Great Britain's Chancellor from encouraging biofuel use. The Chancellor announced earlier this year that Britain has entered into a partnership agreement with three countries (Brazil, Mozambique and South Africa) to develop biofuels, but those biofuels are intended for use in southern Africa, not the UK.

It's not cheap, the new Saab 2.3t BioPower, but it is cool. Maybe that's why Sir Richard Branson likes his so much. Branson's been tooling around with his BioPower Saab for a few days now, and the general public in Britain can enjoy Saab's newest low-CO2 emissions ride on Monday, when vehicles with the 2.3t BioPower engine go on sale in the UK. Sure, AutoblogGreen cares about the 70 percent decrease in CO2 emissions, but we don't ignore that the BioPower produces 14 percent more maximum power an