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If Saab closes, will the new 9-5 live on wearing a Buick badge?

2010 Saab 9-5 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Is GM's Henderson 'afraid' to let Saab go because the next 9-5 is so good?

According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, Fritz Henderson, General Motors' recently appointed CEO, doesn't want to see Saab leave the American automaker's portfolio. Why? Apparently, because the upcoming Saab 9-5 sport sedan is just that good. The paper goes on to suggest that the new Saab 9-5 Aero was tested and compared against the Opel Insignia OPC, which shares a simil

Spy Shots: Saab 9-5 still coming despite brand's hardship

An eagle-eyed spy shooter hiding behind the bushes somewhere in Europe managed to capture a trio of next-gen Saab 9-5 hatchbacks wearing a bit less camouflage than we've seen in the past. For the first time, we can see the new Swedish beauty's front and rear light clusters, along with what appears to be a gently sloping rear hatchback shape.

REPORT: Against all odds, next Saab 9-5 on schedule

On the market since 1997, Saab's 9-5 is getting more than a little long in the tooth. The Swedish automaker is about to launch the Griffin Edition of its aging sedan, but that's a stop-gap at best; if Saab is serious about its future, it's going to need an all-new 9-5. Or more accurately, if General Motors is serious about Saab's future, it will need a new 9-5 - or at least the perception of a forthc