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Report: More hybrids, EVs coming from Audi

Audi A8 Hybrid concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

E-tron is the new Quattro, Electric Audis to carry a common badge

Audi E-tron Detroit Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Audi likely to delay early 2009 decision on US production

Over the past year, Volkswagen and Audi have set some remarkably aggressive goals for the US market, including the pronouncement that Audi would double its sales in the States to 200,000 units by 2015. Audi has fared well in 2008, even managing a slight sales increase in October while virtually every other automaker saw double-digit declines. However, holding your own in such a market is not a good way to double sales. Part of the the plan for multiplying its volume included building Audi's in t

Lamborghini wants to sell 20% more cars without creating a third model

Lamborghini's pushing to ring up 3,000 sales per year, about 500 more than they currently move. Were they to drop a new Miura, revived LM002, or some other new model, they'd likely reach that target without any problem. Lambo Capo Rupert Stadler isn't in favor of spending the considerable development dollars it would take to bri

Audi ready to milk A5 line with multiple versions

Audi has said that it wants to double the number of vehicles it offers by 2015. With 22 vehicles currently in the mix, adding coupes, convertibles, avants and sportbacks will help significantly expand the range in addition to new models like the Q5 SUV, A7 coupe-like-sedan, and Frank Filipponio