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FIA approves new F1 elimination qualifying rules

The rules were approved amid skepticism about the benefits of moving away from the previous qualifying format that had proved popular.

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Californians do battle for limited number of plug-in stations, spaces

So Many Plug-Ins, So Little Love

Golden State residents elbow each other out for charging spaces, plug-in parking spaces.

F1 rejects radical rule changes for 2016

Proposals to radically change the rule book in time for the 2016 Formula One World Championship have been postponed by another season as the relevant parties fail to come to an agreement at a meeting in Geneva.

Techsplanations: Pedestrian Safety Design

Safety changes help shape future vehicles

For decades, engineers have worked diligently to make people safer inside their vehicles. But more recently, safety engineers and designers have begun to make people safer outside of vehicles in the event of a collision.

NHTSA in hot seat after troubling baby car seat tests found

The Chicago Tribune is shaking a rattle at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Its investigation has found 31 cases of infant seats exceeding injury limits or disconnecting from their bases during federal vehicle frontal impact crash tests. The NHTSA slams countless cars into barriers each year, like the 2008 Dodge Caravan in the gallery below. In addition to the sensor-laden crash dummies, some of the vehicles are also fitted with infant or child seats. According to the

Try, try again: FIA puts further restrictions on F1, freezes engine development

The World Motor Sport Council of the FIA, the international racing authority that governs Formula One, among other series, has rolled out a series of restrictions on the development of F1 cars starting with the coming 2008 season.