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We have briefly mentioned the Marine Corps' deep strike, deep reconnaissance hybrid diesel-electric vehicle, the Shadow, in the past. The Shadow is a Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting Vehicle (RST-V), created by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), and has been in development since GDLS was awarded Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR) contracts for a new reconnaissance vehicle in 1997.

Screw the Prius. Isn't that what the image above says to you? This is the first slide in the presentation Glen Bowling, general manager of Saft America's Space and Defense Division, gave at the EDTA conference yesterday. The session he was speaking at, "Defending our Future: Preparedness and National Security" was lightly attended, but I can't say if attendees were simply not interested in the topic or if they stayed away because it was the last session of the day. Whatever the case, Bowling's p