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Ron Gettelfinger, the United Auto Workers' (UAW) president during the recent tumult, is moving on from his post, and has thrown his support behind Bob King. King is currently a vice president in the union and manages the relationship with Ford.

Earlier this morning, United Auto Workers president Ron Gettelfinger held a press conference in which he pointed the finger of blame back at Senate Republicans, particularly ones from Southern states in which many foreign-owned auto assembly plants are located, for the failed attempt last night to pass the Auto Rescue/Bailout Bill in the Senate. As we mentioned earlier, negotiations fell apart over the issue of wage parity, or what Senator Bob Corkey (R-Tenn.) called "competitive wages".

New contracts for the United Auto Workers union that actually help save money for the Big Three domestic have been wrapped up for some time, but $100/barrel oil and continually despressed housing market are contributing to tough times for U.S. automakers. Those harsh realities don't seem to be getting UAW top dog Ron Gettelfinger down, though, as he likes the future of Ford and Chrysler. Union Ron acknowledges that the next six months will be tough, but once the new contracts begin taking effect

With all the news surrounding the possible sale of Chrysler, it's nice to know that the forlorn automaker is still looking to the future and revamping aging production centers.

When asked about the possible GM/Chrysler buyout deal, Ron Gettelfinger, the head of the United Auto Workers Union said, "I have absolutely no opinion on that at all." Really?! No opinion?! No comment, we could understand. But no OPINION? This could be one of the most significant moves in the future of your organization and the U.S. auto industry in general. And you have no opinion? That seems odd to say the least. In his defense, perhaps Gettelfinger just didn't have the desire to SHARE his opi