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Rome bans all diesel vehicles to combat rising smog

Oil companies accused the city council of overreacting

Rome banned all diesel vehicles from its roads for the first time on Tuesday to try to combat rising pollution, with numerous other cities in central and northern Italy also imposing curbs to cut harmful emissions. Rome city council banned diesel cars, vans and motorbikes during peak hours on Tuesday, with the worst polluting vehicles barred from the streets from dawn to dusk. Some areas of Rome have exceeded that level - above which air quality is considered a potential health hazard - in 10

Stylish new Italian pedal powered rickshaws

In many parts of the world cities are filled rickshaws of multiple varieties taking passengers from one place to another. Traditionally rickshaws were pulled by young lads trying to earn a buck. But with the advent of the motor scooter, many rickshaws became motorized, with small noisy polluting two-stroke engines providing the motive force. Quieter, cleaner

Photo Gallery: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Drive small cars.

I met a guy at the Motor Trend Community Forum who recently took a trip to Rome. While he was there, he took many pictures, and many of them were in an attempt to find the smallest cars in Rome that people actually drive. Look at the Gallery, you will see some classics like the Fiat 500, and some not-so-classics... like, well, I have no idea what some of them are. But, they certainly are small, and I bet they get so