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Vauxhall skate party -- Click above to watch video

The other day I was sitting at my table with my wife eating dinner at a restaurant. In comes a family with a couple of kids. I'll be honest and admit that I have no children so maybe my tolerance is low. But, I do like kids and I have dogs which can be awfully irritating themselves at times. So, back to the family... they have a pre-teen boy who is skating through the restaurant on those shoes with the wheels in the heels. I don't think those shoes are a big deal on a sidewalk, or at a park or s

We just got tipped about this amazing feet, um, feat from India. A 5-year-old Indian girl roller-skated under 40 vehicles on Thursday. Well, coasted under them after building up a bit of speed on the approach. The little girl, identified only as Muskaan, said she wasn't nervous even though there was only 8.5 inches of room for her to squeeze through. When she failed on her first attempt, her father encouraged her to try again, and with the people of Gwalior, India cheering her on, she managed to