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Man feels lucky to be alive after flipping car eight times

A man in Florida was able to thank the good samaritans who saved his life yesterday after an violent crash left him with only minor scrapes and bruises.

Updated 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee aces same controversial moose test it failed in 2012 [w/video]

Some background: one of the more scandalous international incidents of he-said/he-said from 2012 was when Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld put the Jeep Grand Cherokee through its "moose (or elk) test" and reported that the SUV nearly rolled over. That lead to a whole lot of accusations and rebuttals: more than one website and

Watch a Jeep Grand Cherokee fail Sweden's Moose Test *UPDATE

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has proven to be a rock-solid off-road-capable SUV with a dose of civility on public roads. But while the top Jeep has a terrific reputation and a long list of accolades, at least one model apparently didn't have the chops for the Teknikens Moose (or Elk) test over in Sweden.

Report: Ford wins new trial in $31M Bronco II rollover case

In 2001, Jesse Branhalm III was a 12-year-old in the back seat of a 1987 Ford Bronco II. When the Bronco's driver turned around to either look at or argue with the kids in the back seat, she nearly ran off the road. After making a quick steering correction, the Ford flipped, leaving the unbuckled Branhalm with severe brain injuries. Branhalm's parents sued Ford, saying that the way the Bronco was engineered increased its propensity to roll over. I

Hybrids to get roll over testing for first time in 2008 model year

Want to know a dirty little secret about the car industry? A lot of cars are not that different from other cars. I don't mean designs look the same, I literally mean many car brands are exactly the same cars (frame, engine, etc, etc) except for small differences in things like the interior design. The term often used to describe these cars is corporate twins and these nearly identical vehicles are used not just by the car indust

Are hybrids less likely to roll over?

The video below the fold includes Stephen Heckeroth talking about his RAV4 EV on Green Wheels, a Zoom HD TV show. Stephen mentions that the RAV4 EV's 800-pound battery pack is under the floor, as low as you could want it, giving the still-popular electric vehicle a very low center of gravity. This opens up the interesting possibility: What if hybrids, which have a similar battery configuration

NHTSA pursuing tougher crash standards

Getting a five-star crash test rating will get a whole lot tougher with a new proposal from the Bush Administration that would put into effect a requirement for side-impact testing.

Proposed roof standards disliked by all sides

Neither automakers or safety advocates, two groups that usually find little common ground, are in favor of new federal roof strength standards proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration that would require a vehicle's roof to withstand 2.5 times the vehicle's weight.