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Penske plans to spend big as Indy owner, maybe bring a 24-hour race or F1

'We're looking forward to seeing what we can do to make IndyCar even stronger'

Roger Penske buys Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar

Penske is the winningest team owner in Indianapolis 500 history with 18 victories

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the IndyCar Series have been sold to Penske Entertainment Corp. in a stunning Monday announcement that relinquishes control of the iconic speedway from the Hulman family after 74 years. Tony Hulman bought the dilapidated speedway in 1945 and brought racing back to the corner of 16th St. and Georgetown Ave. after a four-year hiatus following World War II. The speedway spun off multiple other subsidiaries, including the IndyCar Series and Indianapolis Motor Speedw

2007 RM Auction, Scottsdale: The first L88 Corvette Unsold at $1.55 MIL

1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Roadster – Lot 270 Unsold at $1,550,000

Penske to return to LeMans?

Although he hasn't been to LeMans since the '70s, Roger Penske has apparently told AutoSport that he would 'love' to compete again at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. After taking the ALMS LMP2 class title this year with the dominating Porsche RS Spyders, it's not too surprising to hear he might want to tackle the big show too.

Penske gets Detroit Grand Prix back on track!

The Detroit Grand Prix appears to be returning to the schedule thanks to Roger Penske. Penske is going to be holding a press conference today along with Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. AutoWeek is reporting that the race will return to Belle Isle, which last hosted a race in 2001. That was a CART race. This will be an IRL race. Plus ALMS. By including ALMS, there will be more corporate sponsorship opportunities for the race and hopefully more funding available to make it work.