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This is the MG6, and it's a good looking car. As the sporty version of the Roewe 550 (another good looking car), the MG6 gets a tauter nose with new lights, a slightly more upswept swage line, and a fastback rear end.

Is yet another Chinese automaker throwing their hat into the electric car ring? Well, maybe. While walking about in Alice Springs, Australia, China Car Times reader, Dylan, noticed a car dressed up in decals that screamed, "Hey you! I'm a top secret prototype and you should take my picture." He obliged and now that his photos have reached civilization the rest of the world and have been analyzed by others, the conclusion is that this is a Roewe 550. Now, this particular car is already in product

Remember the Roewe 550? Pretty nice-looking ride, especially for a Chinese car, considering some of the freakishly awful stuff that comes out of the country. SAIC apparently realizes that in terms of name recognition, MG > Roewe. Case in point: the introduction of the 550 and 750 sedans in Chile, where both cars are now being sold under the MG moniker by importer SK Bergé. The two four-doors will reportedly be joined by the TF roadster in November, but despite the traditionally British

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The E-Type Jaguar is beautiful. The Lamborghini Miura is beautiful. Most reasonable individuals bestowed with the gift of sight would not argue those points. Alas, "beautiful" as an adjective is regularly abused. Case in point: the new Roewe 550, which is inexplicably described as such by our Sino-focused blogging brothers at China Car Times. We strenuously disagree. We understand that there are many ugly Chinese cars, and that when the nation's auto industry produces one that doesn't cause onlo