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Robots Ready For Battle | Autobog Minute

Monkey King is China's first battle bot prototype, claims its creator Greatmetal. This human-operated robot is able to fight on two legs or on all fours. Expect Monkey King to battle the winner of a bot showdown between Japan and the U.S. in August, 2017.

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Hikvision Autonomous Mobile Robots | Autoblog Minute

Autonomous mobile robots from Chinese technology company Hikvision. These robots are ultra-efficient at tasks like sorting packages, moving pallets, and parking cars. The video from Hikvision shows the impressive bots in action.

Elon Musk's Neuralink wants to plug AI into your brain

He sees a need for computer-human hybrids.

A South Korean robotics company just built a real Gundam

It makes the Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader look like a child's toy.

Tanks are so 20th century.

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Disneys One-Legged Hopping Robot | Autoblog Minute

Disney Research Hub focuses on robot-human interaction and robotic travel. Their latest creation is a one-legged autonomous robot that can jump 19 times for 7 seconds.

Lyft expects self-driving cars to handle most rides in 5 years

The company's CEO also sees private car ownership ending in large cities by 2025.

Let the pink mustache take control.

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Robot Power Glove From NASA To Help Autoworkers | Autoblog Minute

General Motors and Swedish company Bioservo Technologies partnered to develop RoboGlove, the robotic power glove based on the NASA project Robonaut 2.

GM and NASA's robot hand will help factory workers

The RoboGlove will give people super-strength. Evildoers beware.

The Google autonomous car has learned how to honk

The Google car team has recently been teaching the car's AI when and how to honk the horn and give the human drivers on the road a helpful heads up.

Inside Honda's ghost town for testing autonomous cars

This former town within a Naval base – now dubbed "GoMentum Station" – is the perfect testing ground for Honda's self-driving cars.

Toyota wants to buy Google robotics division Boston Dynamics

The car maker's R&D arm is close to signing a deal for not only Boston Dynamics, but also Google's Japanese robotics company, Schaft.

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Disney's Wall-Climbing Robot VertiGo | Autoblog Minute

Disney has a wall-climbing robot that can transition from ground to wall with ease. Vertigo, a four wheel robot is controlled by an onboard computer. It uses two propellers to thrust onto walls.

Uber shows off its first self-driving car

Uber is hitting the streets of Pittsburgh with its autonomous Ford Fusion.

Acura introduces a sleeker self-driving test car

Today Acura introduced its second generation Automated Acura RLX Development Vehicle with updated sensors and a more pleasing aesthetic.

Six tiny robots can pull a two-ton car

Stanford university's uBots have pulled off a feat that makes ants look like slackers.

World Drone Prix promotes Dubai event by racing a McLaren

A Dubai Police McLaren 650S faces off against a racing drone in this promo video for World Drone Prix racing.

Watch Stanford's self-driving Audi hit the track

The students performing research with Stanford University's Audi TTS test rig "Shelley" (not to be confused with Audi's own self-driving race cars) are getting a kick out of the numbers generated by the machine.

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