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I just happened to be taking a trip to Phoenix this week, so I went ahead and called up Robert Riley, the man behind the XR3 hybrid three-wheeled vehicle and, previously, the Tri Magnum. I was going to head over there and take a look at the progress, but unfortunately, the timing wasn't quite right. The body and the chassis are separated as of the moment, and the drivetrain is apart for refinement.

Robert Q. Riley, who you may already be familiar with due to his past projects like the Tri-Magnum, is working on a new diesel\electric hybrid three-wheeled vehicle. Like other three-wheelers, this one will be a motorcycle when it comes to regulations in the U.S. Also, like his past projects, the plans for the vehicle will be for sale for consumers to purchase in order to build the vehicle themselves. Using fiber-reinforced-plastic, or FRP, the body shell will be constructed over the chassis, us