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Alliance marks end of Daimler's attempt to go it alone.

Their goal: fully autonomous "robo-taxis."


German supplier even had a code-word for the cheat device.

US consumers say Bosch informed VW that it wanted to be legally protected for making the emissions cheat device.


It's A CGI Video You Could Watch While Not Driving

Bosch has a video mock-up of the future of autonomous driving in a Tesla Model S, but it isn't saying how close this tech actually is to reality.


Auto parts supplier Bosch has agreed to pay a $57.8 million criminal fine to the Department of Justice for bid rigging and price fixing of spark plugs, oxygen sensors and starter motors.

Bosch is already the world's biggest automotive supplier and they intend to extend that dominance into the realm of hybrid vehicles. But, as a company that has prided itself on being on the bleeding edge when it comes to introducing new technology to the market, they have come relatively late to the hybrid game. Bosch has been a pioneer in fuel injection and diesel technology and they were the first to bring electronic anti-lock brakes and stability control to market. Over the past four years, B