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Scientists developing drones to seal road cracks with 3D-printed asphalt

‘Perceive and patch’ drone teams part of the coming ‘self-repairing city’

'Perceive and patch' drone teams part of the coming 'self-repairing city.'

Self-repairing roads could also charge your electric car

Dutch researchers might have a way for pothole-filled roads to fix themselves, while also solving range anxiety for electric car drivers.

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Six reasons why our roads and infrastructure are failing

According to recent reports, our infrastructure is beginning to fail.

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All these cars and highways put more than humans at risk

Biologist William Laurance explains why road expansion is bad for wildlife.

In the US alone, a million vertibrates become roadkill every day. And that's just one unintended consequence.

US House passes massive $305 billion highway funding bill

The massive, five-year, $305-billion spending bill doles out $281 billion to the beleaguered Highway Trust Fund, and also gives nearly $1 billion to NHTSA.

Ten most dangerous roads in the world

Don't Look Down

Alaska, France, China and Brazil are home to some of the most treacherous roads on the planet (and it's not just steep cliffs and sharp curves that qualify).

Artist Wanksy is stiffly opposed to potholes in his town [NSFW]

A ballsy street artist in Manchester, UK has grown tired of his town's plethora of potholes, and has taken matters into his own hands.

Michigan official urges drivers to call 911 on dangerous potholes

Warm spring weather is usually welcomed with open arms in Michigan, but this year's thaw is opening up potholes on roadways so big one county executive is urging residents to call 911 on dangerous roads.

How Traffic Enforcement Could Play Out On Roads Of The Future

New systems offer potential, but automated tickets already irk drivers

Systems now being developed by the federal government to handle vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications in an upcoming connected-car era may have the capability to more precisely track the locations and speeds of individual motorists.

Obama touts car-to-car communications, pushes for highway funding

Transportation was on President Obama's mind as he toured the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, VA Tuesday. In a brief, 14-minute speech, the president touched on both car-to-car communications and safety technology, as well as the need to maintain funding for the rapidly depleting Highway Trust Fund. Aside from his speech, the president also sampled one of HRC's driving simulators (shown above), which he likened to "something like Knight Rider."

Five Roads To Avoid This Thanksgiving Weekend

Traffic expected to be worse than usual around major cities

If you plan on traveling this Thanksgiving, you may want to pad your schedule with extra time. Experts at AAA Auto Club estimate that 43.6 million Americans will be driving more than 50 miles from home this holiday, the fourth straight year the number of travelers has increased.

Drive for quieter pavement could lead to carpet-like roads

Road construction isn't usually something to get excited about, but what if those resurfacing projects were also making roads quieter? While increased traffic has turned some roads into aural nuisances, engineers are working to reduce tire noise by changing the design of pavement surfaces.

Transportation Secretary embraces bicycling, walking for a greener future

Right now, it seems impossible to imagine a day when bicycles and pedestrians can equally share the roads with cars and trucks in the U.S., but Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood aims to make that day a reality. Recently, LaHood announced a "major policy revision" that will treat cyclists and walkers with policies similar to automobiles. LaHood's goal is to refocus e

If they can't be fixed, more visible potholes are better than nothing

Here's the theory: make potholes easier to see, and they'll be easier to avoid. How would it work? Employ a base layer underneath the road in some garish color, and when tarmac divots appear, voila, the things stick out like wounds. Both theories have been suggested by Domenico Diego and Cristina Corradini, students at the Polytechnic University of Milan, while looking for a way to make streets safer.

Experimental 'pay per mile' tax program harms future car development

Remember the Oregon state program where volunteer drivers are taxed on the number of miles they drive daily? The monies gathered would be used for road construction and repair.

VW chair rails against German roads

Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder, Volkswagen’s Chairman of the Board, has gone on record criticizing the current state of German roads and is urging the country’s gov’t for swift action. According to a recent study, the country’s road conditions and lack of capacity are approaching a limit at which the economic prosperity of Germnay is at