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Germany switching to federal CO2-based car tax in 2010

Germany has finally announced how it will reform its tax system to factor in CO2 emission levels. After a long political struggle between the two main parties, the SPD and the CDU/CSU, the system will not only change from being based on engine displacement to be dependent on CO2 emission levels, but will change hands. Until now, car taxes were a matter of the Länder (states). This new system is a Federal one, and the switch is blamed as the reason for the delay. The L&

Satellite-based road tax in the Netherlands in 2011

It's easy to argue that road taxes are quite unfair because they're flat: You pay fees to drive around; it doesn't matter how much you actually use the car.

66% of U.K. car buyers will go green in order to save money

A win is a win, right? We're content to consider the fact that two-thirds of new car buyers in the U.K. are considering going green for their next car purchase a good thing, despite the fact that most of them are doing so to save money, not the environment. What Car? group editor Steve Fowler says that "with the cost of living increasing and with wages failing to

ACEA loves CO2 taxing schemes, with conditions

The ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturer's Association) recently published a statement that calls EU members' tendency to tax vehicles according to CO2 production figures a positive step. The ACEA recognizes that it's an effective and wise measure to make motorists choices more fuel-efficient vehicles. They do not, however, think that a Registration Tax (such as Spain

UK road tax scheme appears to lack any logic

So much has been written already regarding London Mayor Ken Livingstone's new road tax that we never really spent too much time analyzing the plan itself. Fortunately, though, Clean Green Cars did it for us. EDIT: The Vehicle Excise Duty is diffe

UK searching for more formulas to boost the purchase of greener cars (and punish polluting cars)

Do you live in the UK? Do you drive a gas guzzler, that is, a car which road tax falls into band G? Bad news for you. Mr. Taxman, well, chancellor Alistair Darling, is going to tweak the tax system next week to give it some "green flavor." In last year's budget, the British government announced a tax increase for polluting "band G vehicles" from £300 ($603) to £400 ($804) that will take effect next month. There was also a cut for "band B" vehicles, which have lower emissions, from &p

Austria institutes CO2-based bonus-malus tax system for cars

Austria is also changing its taxing system to "punish" the most polluting cars on the road. The new tax scheme, which is called NoVa-Reform, consists of a bonus-malus system that saves or adds taxes to cars depending on a number of factors.

Biofuels and road taxes, the Alaska edition

In many places around the world, roads are financed at least in part by a tax added to the price of fuel. When we head to the pumps, we pay for a little bit of the road we drive out onto as we leave the station. But people who make their own biofuels don't pay these taxes and yet they drive on roads other people pay for. To make sure the load is balanced out a bit, many governments tax biofuels whether they are home-brewed or purchased. To get an idea of how this plays out in Alaska, check out <