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Vin Diesel is on hand for the London opener

Car stunts, tanks, submarine, helicopters — all inside a London arena


Things got crazier than usual this year.

Join us as we relive some of our favorite memories on this special "year in review" edition of Translogic.

Howe & Howe added a new vehicle to its lineup, the Ripsaw SSR1. It’s a 1500 horsepower 727 cubic inch mini tank. The SSR1 is the younger brother to the Ripsaw EV2 that was featured in the Fast & Furious 8.

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One tank to rule them all

Join our host Jonathon Buckley as he checks out the epic Ripsaw tank, recently featured in The Fate Of The Furious.

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Howe and Howe Technologies created a non street legal luxury tank for consumers.


Fast and Furious is on its way to Iceland with plans to film the largest man-made explosion ever in the country. Howe and Howe Tech provides vehicles.


The Ripsaw EV2 is the utterly wonderful combination of a supercar and a tank. And it can drift, too.