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Porsche buys stake, plans to partner with EV supercar maker Rimac

They hope to develop a technical partnership

They hope to develop a technical partnership.

Rimac C_Two electric hypercar debuts at almost 2,000 horsepower

The rest of the numbers are full-on bonkers, too

The Rimac C_Two has the sensor suite for eventual Level 4 autonomous driving.

Rimac Concept Two packing a 120-kWh battery and Level 4 autonomy

Elon Musk's future plans impact the Croatian electric car's spec sheet.

Will it be enough to out-duel the next Tesla Roadster?

Rimac Concept Two electric hypercar teased

Croatian automaker's second supercar will debut in Geneva

Rimac teases its second electric hypercar, the Concept Two, coming to this year's Geneva Motor Show.