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Auto Workers Say Nissan Is Stifling Efforts To Organize Union

Employees of Mississippi plant protested Monday outside Detroit Auto Show

Not everyone arrived in Detroit to ogle the dozens of new cars revealed at the North American International Auto Show.

Could Michigan going "Right To Work" status revitalize its auto production?

The Midwest has lately been at the center of battles between unions and the politicians contesting them, and the union side hasn't been doing so well. Michigan is the latest rust-belt state to lob a legislative grenade into union ranks, the state governor signing two right-to-work bills that prohibit mandatory union dues in the state's workplaces.

Obama Denounces Right-To-Work Legislation In Detroit Visit

President Also Underscored His Economic Plan As Fiscal Cliff Nears

On the eve of a vote that could cripple unions throughout the state of Michigan, President Obama visited a Detroit-area automotive plant to tout their importance.

Indiana going Right To Work after VW kiss-off?

Indiana Democrats fought it for weeks by not showing up for sessions, but eventually the Repblican-led House of Representatives was able to pass a measure to make Indiana a Right-to-Work state. That bill will go to the State Senate where the Republicans have an even larger majority, and observers expect it to be signed into law by governor Mitch Daniels before the Super Bowl takes place in Indianapolis on February 5.