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Here's how much ride-sharing is keeping drunk drivers off the road

Partiers using Uber or Lyft — and with far fewer DUIs, it's saving lives

For better or worse, transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft have transformed how people get around in urban areas in the U.S. The worse portion comes mostly from Uber's near-constant controversy and the way TNCs have decimated the livelihood of taxi and limo drivers — and even driven some to suic

Car ownership could decline thanks to Uber and Lyft

A new study found a significant change in behavior when the services left Austin last year.

It grows when those services disappear.

Rinspeed Oasis is your electric, autonomous concept vehicle with a garden

Remember to park it in the sun.

Perfect for violinists and pizza delivery drivers.

Uber creates AI Labs to speed autonomous ride-sharing development

Uber swallows Geometric Intelligence to build up its AI prowess.

Daimler's MyTaxi merges with Hailo to create Uber-fighter

The new service will have 70 million passengers and 100,000 registered cabbies.

Uber data reveals drivers earn less than $13.25 an hour

The hourly rate is after expenses in three major US markets: Denver, Detroit, and Houston.

According to Uber data and calculations, drivers in Denver, Colo., Detroit, Mich., and Houston, Texas earned less than $13.25 an hour after expenses last year.

Pro-Uber Austin politician sues to abolish fingerprint rule

He argues that the requirement's language is confusing.

Austin City Council Member Donald Zimmerman filed a lawsuit against the mayor to overturn a rule requiring drivers to undergo fingerprint background checks.

CEOs of Uber, Daimler deny buyout plans, big fleet purchase

Zetsche and Kalanick do the 'frenemy' thing at Berlin conference.

Uber's Kalanick, Daimler's Zetsche acknowledge each other's roll in transportation, quash buyout rumors.

Uber affirms tipping drivers 'is not expected or required'

Uber clarified that tipping isn't expected or required, citing a hassle-free experience as to why it doesn't give riders the option to add a tip to their fares.

Lyft, GM will now rent you a car for your ride hailing job

Chicago, DC, Boston will be first to get Express Drive rental program.

General Motors and Lyft will launch Express Drive in April specifically targeted for ride-hailing drivers who need vehicles.

Autoblog Minute: Uber competes with automakers for commuter attention, dollars

With Uber's Upcoming IPO It Seems That Ride-hailing Services Are Here To Stay

With Uber's IPO rumored to launch sometime within the next 24 months, it appears on-demand commuter services are here to stay. Autoblog's Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute, with commentary from Autoblog Green's Sebastian Blanco.

Uber reportedly scammed Lyft 5,560 times since October

Mobile taxi service Uber has exploded in popularity recently, with major investments from Google and even partnering with the latest Transformers movie, but the meteoric rise has been tempered with controversy. In Europe and Asia, the app Chris Bruce

Rival car service app accuses Uber of dirty tactics

Uber just can't seem to stay out of the news lately. Between troubles with cab drivers in France and a tragic crash in San Francisco, the ride-sharing app could use some good news for a change. Nope, not going to happen, though.

Uber taxi vandalized in France despite new law favoring traditional cabbies

An Uber car transporting execs for app company Eventbrite was attacked during a trip in Paris, indicating that the row between cab drivers and ride-sharing services could be heading to a rather dark place.

Uber driver kills 6-year-old pedestrian, raises questions about company's liability [w/video]

On New Year's Eve, an Uber driver struck a family of three as they were crossing a San Francisco street. The driver, 57-year-old Syed Muzzaraf, turned into the crosswalk without yielding and struck six-year-old Sophia Liu, her brother and her mother, San Francisco District Supervisor Jane Kim told Autoblog's sister website, <

PickupPal makes carpooling an online, financial thing

In the middle of January, a new website aimed at getting people to car-share was launched over at PickupPal.com. The website's CTO, Eric Dewhirst, describes its carpooling model this way:

511 Rideshare helps you carpool in the Bay Area

If you live in the Bay Area and like to conserve resources (like, say, money and oil), perhaps ride sharing should be added to your list of transportation options. A free service called 511 Rideshare can help passengers and drivers find each other for daily commutes. The website can also help you find vanpool information, which is like carpooling on on steroids. Actually, considering the negative association steroids have these days, I'll say it's more lik