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For the seventeenth consecutive year, this Wednesday will mark the annual Ride to Work Day. The event, which falls every year on the third Wednesday of July, is intended to promote fuel savings and the reduced traffic which comes as a result of motorcycle and scooter riding. This, of course, is an event we can get behind. As motorcycle and scooter sales worldwide increase due to fuel prices which have likely not yet hit their apogee, more and more ex-drivers are ditching their automobiles in an

There were many reader responses on our editorial regarding the ever-expanding volume of the automobile in America, so why not extend the same questions to motorcycles? Way back in March we featured an article which highlighted the fact that technology is trickling down to motorcycles from cars. There has been a great deal of debate going on as to whether or not motorcycles are really a green form of transportation. This post will not hit each and every facet of either side of the argument, but

It's no secret that we like bikes around here. In fact, some of us AutoblogGreen bloggers have been known to ride to work now and then. Being that we've done it ourselves before, we can heartily recommend to you readers that you should give it a try. Especially with the invention of the electrically assisted bikes that are becoming commonplace, riding to work can save you time and make you feel better, not to mention the positive impact on the traffic patterns and environment.

"Ride To Work advocates and supports the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation, and provides information about transportation riding to the public."