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The researchers call their software ORide for "Oblivious Ride".

Uber would've been one of the top 10 biggest money losers in 2016 if it were public.

Uber and Volvo have turned a number of XC90s into self-driving SUVs in the City by the Bay. It's an extension of the program the two companies tested in Pittsburgh earlier this year.

Robot cars are still coming, of course.

Will we even be allowed to drive in the future?

Yep, it's probably gonna have apps and car sharing.

MOIA is the name, mobility is its game.

But it can say, 'sponsored by Volkswagen.'

VW might also have to pay for hydrogen stations for cars it doesn't sell.

The sharing platform will now be availalbe in NYC, too.

There's an app for that. No, really.

Express Drive program drivers will be able to rent some of the first Bolts.

Ride-hailing operator won't be ahead of car buyers, but will share the distinction of getting the first Bolt EVs.

The company has designed its own car, and service will start next year in Europe.

This tiny little EV weighs just 992 pounds.

The company's CEO also sees private car ownership ending in large cities by 2025.

Let the pink mustache take control.

Launching this fall, it'll be more about carpooling than on-demand trips.

Google thinks that Waze can be more than just a map app.

This is the first time Uber will use electric cars in the UK.

Charge, drive, repeat.

Formerly GetTaxi, the ride hailing company operates in more than 60 cities.

Though they're mostly services outside the US.

When you use Google Maps in iOS now, you may find a host of new ride hailing options to move you through big cities.

Ride hailing service Uber can now offer drivers and riders its service without fear of legal troubles thanks to approval from the government of Jakarta.

The Sao Paulo city council voted 48-1 late Tuesday to prohibit the use of smartphone-based ride-sharing applications like Uber.

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