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From London to New Delhi in a rickshaw?

A three-wheeled, 175-cc rickshaw hardly seems adequate for the 6,338-mile trip from London to New Delhi, India, but that's precisely the type of vehicle Sanjay Sharma, a 44-year-old IT professional from the UK, choose for his epic journey.

Meet the soleckshaw, the solar-powered rickshaws running in Delhi

The pedal-powered rickshaw is a time-honored method of getting around in many countries where not every citizen has the means to drive a car. Of course, time marches on, and the classic rickshaws are definitely a step or two behind the times. Still, there is a market for zero emission people carriers, especially in developing countries that don't already have other mass-transit solutions in place. Plus, while it may not seem like everybody's cup of tea, there are a large number of people that ma

Velotaxis print now how much CO2 you saved

Next time you're in Japan, feel free to step into a velotaxi - those rickshaw-like vehicles which have become popular in some city centers - and calculate how much CO2 you saved by reading your receipt. The new receipts, which are being already provided on 17 vehicles in Tokyo and three in Kyoto, show the amount of carbon a regular car would

Urban cabs, hybrid pedal power rickshaws, arrive in Paris

Can the vehicle above become a new icon of emission-free transportation in the City of Love? Perhaps, as Paris now has a small fleet of hybrid pedal rickshaws, similar to those in Rome and Valencia. The rickshaw service, called Urban-Cab, is defined as an "intermediate non-polluting solutio