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Texas governor supports $5,000 incentive for plug-in vehicles

Photo by wili_hybrid. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Is the solution to severe smog in Houston more time?

Move over Los Angeles, the city of Houston, Texas is now also officially on the "severe smog problem" list. The reclassification was requested by Governor Rick Perry last year and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made the change last Thursday. This move from "moderate" bypasses the level of "serious" and gives the state an additional nine years to meet federal health standards that were originally set in 1997. They were supposed to meet the goal by 2010. Although the 1997 levels are now

Texas denied reduced ethanol requirements by EPA

Texas Governor Rick Perry had requested that the EPA revise its Renewable Fuels Standard requirement to lessen the amount of ethanol for use in automobiles. Between September 1 of this year till August 31 of 2009, the EPA has mandated that 9 billion gallons of ethano

Texas governor REALLY wants coal gassification plant

The US Department of Energy is looking for a site for their FutureGen demonstration power-plant project, and Texas Governor Rick Perry really, really wants it to be built in Texas. Perry has committed $20 million of state funds to the project, to help make it happen. The experimental plant is intended to gasify a variety of different fossil fuels and then use that to produce 275 megawatts of power. The other major part of the plant that is new is carbon sequestration to minimize the emissions co