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Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman and Volt booster, told Edmunds AutoObserver today that the Volt is achieving its 40 mile all-electric target in initial on-road testing. "It is reliably meeting its objectives," Lutz confirmed. "Even with a rough calibration, even with the wrong drive unit, the wrong body, etc. etc., it has been hitting its 40 miles on electric power."

Recent comments by John Powell, the deputy director of the UN World Food Program, have drawn return fire from GM CEO Rick Wagoner at the Beijing Motor Show. Powell blamed biofuels in part for the recent run up in food prices around the world that has resulted in more poor people not being able to afford food. Speaking at the Beijing Motor Show Wagoner called critics "shockingly misinformed" saying that high fuel prices are a much bigger factor in food costs than the diversion of food stocks to f

Wall Street Journal blogs about GM CEO Rick Wagoner recent talk to reporters in Washington about GM chairman Bob Lutz's recent comment that global warming is "a total crock of sh*t." Wagoner backed away from the comment, saying that "the comments weren't coming out of the company" and "I would have preferred to pass on the comment." Wagoner didn't back away from Lutz, though, calling him "the clear leader of GM's push to develop extended-range battery-powered hybrid vehicles."

Say hello to the newest government lobbying group: car salesmen! The AP is reporting that GM CEO Rick Wagoner asked car dealerships to lobby their state and local governments to not regulate tailpipe emissions. Here is exactly what Rick said in a speech at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) meeting in San Francisco attended by about 10,000 dealers and their spouses:

Prior to his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday, GM Chairman Rick Wagoner held a discussion with a group of us flacks to answer all of our questions clearly and completely without equivocation. OK just kidding, he did hedge on a number of questions as would be expected of any major executive, especially one heading up the largest automaker in the world (for now). A range of issues were discussed, including alternative fuels, hybrids and the fate of the Zeta pl

Click for a high res gallery of the Provoq from the keynote

In the wake of General Motors Chairman Richard Wagoner's comments last that the Chevy Volt may not make it to production by 2010, GM executives and communications staff are madly trying control the story. Here's what the boss said during the GMNext launch event:

While GM has never given a firm delivery date for the Chevy Volt, late 2010 has been when production was expected to start. In an online chat yesterday, GM CEO Rick Wagoner admitted that, while GM has been working hard on getting the Volt ready, "2010 would be great, but (we) can't guarantee that at this time." According to CNNMoney, Wagoner said that GM has "put massive resources [to get the Volt] into production as soon as possible" but that those resources might not be enough. As AutoblogGre