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Jay Leno drives Commuter Cars' Tango - click above to watch the video after the jump

Tango creator Rick Woodbury addresses safety concerns anyone might have while driving his narrow-bodied electric vehicle. The advantages are obvious: easy parking, slipping through congested traffic, no wasted space. Skeptics question the safety of such a small vehicle in a jungle filled with 7,000-pound SUVs. Rollover and crash protection bring on the obvious anxiety. But Woodbury says his vehicle has the static rollover threshold of a Porsche 911 because of the battery location. And the Tango

On yesterday's On Point, the NPR radio show, the topic was small. Tiny, actually. Tiny cars. These vehicles - cars like the SMART, the Renault Twingo, or the Ford Ka - are gaining interest here as gas prices rise. On Point featured five voices of those in the know, including Rick Woodbury, the inventor of the Tango, an ultra-slim electric commuter car and Ryan Chin, MIT Media Lab's Smart Cities Project, who contributed to the design of the stackable concept car (pictured). While the quotes NPR h