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Another company has arisen with plans to revive the once great Jensen name with the design you see here.

Automakers come and automakers go. Sometimes they come and go and come back again, as in the case of revived marques like Bugatti, Mini, Maybach and ATS. And now we're about to have another one on our hands. That marque is Atalanta, which traces its routes back to 1937. It only ever offered two models and made about 20 of them before closing down in 1939. A couple years ago, we caught wind of an effort to bring the brand back with a new Atalanta Sports Tourer, but didn't hear anything of the eff

August has come and gone, and yet, there's been no new Duesenberg II Torpedo Coupe. The Mercedes CL500-based revival of what could arguably be described as the ne plus ultra of American automakers has had its introduction pushed back to mid 2008. Duesenburg Custom Coach LLC is undertaking the effort, and rather than rush a half-baked car to market, they've moved the goalpost so that the new Duesy doesn't turn into an embarrassment. The Torpedo coupe will have two powertrain options, one conventi

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