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Knight Rider. It is the bane of my existence, and it is going to get radically changed according to The Hollywood Reporter. The current formula is getting canned, as are three of the regular actors -- Sydney Tamiia Portier (Carrie), Yancey Arias (Alex), and Bruce Davison (Graiman). Knight Rider czar Gary Scott Thompson is calling this a full "reboot" of the show, which follows the partial reboot that occurred between the pilot telemovie and weekly series premiere. Why is this necessary? There ar

In the interest of not going belly-up, Ford will be hard at work over the next three years to remake their entire Ford, Lincoln and Mercury fleet. We've got high hopes that the Bold Moves will start to come at us quickly now, and that great new product will offer significant improvements over their current offerings. It makes us wonder how long we'll have to live with the Five Hundred's rhinoplasty and the newly penned Focus. Ford also indicated an interest in selling "B" segment cars, which are