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2010 Chevy Spark - Click above for high-res image gallery

Reva, the Indian company that builds Jeremy Clarkson's favorite car, the G-Wiz, is preparing for its second act next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The company will unveil two new upcoming models and a new charging technology. The first of the new models is the NXR, and it is billed as a four seat hatchback "family car." Judging from the image above, it will have to be a very small family since the NXR doesn't look any bigger than the "four seat" G-Wiz.

In light of reports of slow electric car sales in the UK and the NICE Car Company's collapse, the distributor of the Reva G-Wiz i, GoinGreen, wants to let everyone know that they are still around and doing just fine, thank you very much. Although their sales are about half of what they were in 2007, they are claiming "good financial health" and expect that the downturn in the economy will affect them positively since their battery-powered buggies are inexpensive to buy and operate in a British m

Above: Mahindra's Appalachian pickup truck

We've discussed these electric cars before but now Whatcar? has gathered the NICE Mega City, the Smart ed, the Micro-Vett Fiat Doblo, and the Reva G-Wiz together for a group evaluation on the streets of London town to "...decide whether or not they do make a practical alternative to urban transport.". The first thing they discovered about the cars as they prepared for the initial shoot is that people are now extremely interested in electric vehicles as the quartet attracted "masses" of people wi