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Having just announced the coming availability of lithium ion power to their vehicles, the REVA Electric Car Company (RECC) is sending three of the new variants on the road with the Indian Climate Solutions Road Tour. Company founder and CTO, Chetan Maini, was at the send off and spoke about the Tour being a great opportunity for the company to "showcase its advanced technology to battle environmental issues."

India's most famous electric car maker, Reva, is now giving prospective buyers in Europe the opportunity of turning their new REVAi into a REVA L-ion by offering a lithium-ion power source for the 2+2 city car. The modern battery gives the little EV increased performance while reducing charging time and maintenance. Numbers-wise, that means a 75-mile range with a 50 mph top speed. Acceleration times haven't been released but we expect that just the reduced weight of the cars power source alone w