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John Haynes, founder of the Haynes Repair Manuals, dies at 80

Sold more than 200 million manuals on everything from Bugeye Sprites to bees

Sold more than 200 million manuals on everything from Bugeye Sprites to bees.

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Windshield repairs are about to get far more complicated, expensive, and important

Advanced safety systems require specific glass calibrations

Advanced safety systems require specific glass calibrations.

How to repair a deep scratch | Autoblog Details

Make your car pretty again and protect it from potential rust

Deep scratches in your car's paint are annoying to look at, expensive to repaint. Here are steps for how to repair that deep scratch yourself.

How To Replace Your Spark Plugs | Autoblog Wrenched

Worn out plugs can hurt your car

Spark plugs are the heart of your car's ignition system. If yours are worn out, new ones can dramatically improve your performance. See how to replace them here.

Porsche's Tech Live Look uses augmented reality to fix cars faster

Shorter repair times when Google Glass meets PowerPoint presentation

Shorter repair times when Google Glasses meets a PowerPoint presentation.

Ford again urged to recall Explorers for exhaust leaks before 'luck runs out'

Federal regulators have now received nearly 1,400 complaints of carbon monoxide in the cabin.

Federal regulators have now received at least 1,381 complaints alleging carbon monoxide leaks in the cabin.

Volkswagen vows to fix affected diesels in Europe by 2017, EU claims

The fix is only for cars in Europe.

European diesel owners are finally get their cars fixed.

Tesla tweaks repair-agreement clause amid NHTSA concern

Automaker also says its Model S has no suspension-safety issues.

Tesla denies that it put a gag order on customers who receive company funding for repairs.

Volkswagen gets approval for diesel cheat fix in Germany

VW says the cars will be fully compliant after repair, and performance won't be impacted.

German regulators Okay Volkswagen's diesel emissions-software fix for about 800,000 vehicles.

McLaren uses 20-year-old laptops on its first supercar

McLaren relies on a roughly 20-year-old laptop, a variant of Compaq's LTE 5280, to maintain its classic F1 supercar.

Washington D.C. car owners pay most for repairs

This year's CarMD repair cost survey puts Washington D.C. at the top of the list for the most expensive repairs in the country. On the opposite end, in just a few years, Wyoming has gone from the nation's most costly to the cheapest.

Senator asks DOJ to look into car insurance repairs

A group of more than 500 body shops in 36 states have filed a lawsuit against the nation's top insurers over a practice called "steering", which is when insurers use various tactics to lead a policyholder to one of the company's preferred repair shops after an accident. The insurance industry says it doesn't happen, a CNN investigation and at least two attorneys general say otherwise.

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Aluminum body on Tesla Model S may raise repair costs

According To Drivers Of The Expensive EV, Fixing Something Can Be Quite A Shock

Green Car Reports says that Tesla Model S owners are finding out just how expensive aluminum can be to fix, with repair estimates like $7,000 to fix "a small dent and scratch" to $45,000 for "minor front-end damage." With aluminum figuring ever more in our automotive future to save weight, this could be the canary in the coal mine for all of us or just opportunistic price gouging.

Porsche to replace chassis components in 918 Spyders

Porsche is repairing 205 units of the 918 Spyder around the world for problems with unspecified "chassis components" on the hybrid supercar. The company discovered the problem during quality checks, and the affected owners have already been contacted to have the issue repaired, which could take around two days.

Mechanic Bagged By Red Light Camera At 3AM Driving Customer Car

Shop denies any wrongdoing

A woman who dropped her car off at a local repair shop in Portland, Oregon was surprised to receive a ticket after one of the shop's employees was caught running a red light at 3am in her car.

Will Copyright Law Stop You From Working On Your Car In The Near Future?

Privacy group warns tinkering under hood could violate DMCA

Plan on repairing or modifying a car in the garage this weekend? You might want to first consult a copyright lawyer.

Florida shop will give you a new 'do and new duals

As we've established before, the waiting room at your local auto shop or dealership is awful. Like a simple automotive prison sentence, though, you're generally forced to hang out while the mechanics wrench on your stricken vehicle. How refreshing would it be, though, if you could knock out another errand at the same time? Well, Superior Muffler and Precision Cuts in Orlando, FL un

Even mechanics know service department advisors quote unrealistic repair times

"Hi, welcome to John Q. Dealer's Toyota. What's that, you need an oil change? Okay, that's only going to take all week." We've all been here. A simple procedure at the dealership turns into a day in a tiny room, with stale coffee, out-of-date magazines and daytime television surrounded by people that are as disgruntled as you. Why, oh why, does it take so long to get work done at the local dealership?

25% of recalled cars never get fixed

Humans are natural-born procrastinators. We put off things we know we need to do, whether that be starting a diet or workout program, calling our parents, making plans with friends and, yes, getting our cars serviced.

Ram truck owner who stopped lawbreaking teen joyride gets truck repaired for free

Here is a story that should make you feel a little better about modern society. Bryson Rowley, the concerned man in Utah who put himself in danger to stop an out-of-control, joyriding teen, is getting his damaged pickup fixed free of charge.

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