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Report: Automaker group voices concerns over federal ethanol legislation

Lawmakers and car manufacturers often find themselves on opposite ends of debates, and a proposed mandate to make most vehicles E85 capable only proves that point. The Detroit News reports that Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, has sponsored a bill that would force automakers to make 90 percent of their vehicles E85 capable by 2016, but automakers aren't taking this proposed legislation lying down.

Study: E15 ethanol blend will be fine for older (1994-2001) automobiles

Who knew a little bit of biofuel could be so contentious? The brouhaha over changing the national ethanol blend level from 10 percent to 15 (so, going from E10 to E15) has brought out the knives, with the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) saying the EPA's delay is a dereliction of duty while others are

Dartmouth students tour country in biodiesel-powered "Big Green Bus"

Students at Dartmouth College, along with a handful of recent grads, are spending the entire summer touring the country in their converted, biodiesel-powered 1989 MCI coach appropriately named the "Big Green Bus." The students hope their cross-country trip will help spread the word about the advantages of choosing green technologies such as biodiesel. They describe the trip as a "science fair on wheels" and, given the bus' assortment of high-tech gadgetry – including four solar panels, ten

Slate: Worst part of oil spill could be return of Big Ethanol

The BP oil spill has reminded us that whether we love ethanol or hate it, it's still loads better than crude oil. Or at least that's what the corn ethanol lobbies would have us believe, according to Slate.

RFA says the EPA delaying E15 decision is "a dereliction of duty"

Following news that the EPA has once again not made a decision about increasing the ethanol content of gasoline sold in the nation's pumps, the ethanol industry is kind of peeved. The Renewable Fuels Association has issued a press release lashing out at the Environmental Protection Agency f

GM Exec says ethanol production must match flex-fuel vehicle numbers

A General Motors executive is calling on the ethanol industry to increase E85 production as automakers boost flex-fuel vehicle production. Mary Beth Stanek (shown) is GM's director of environmental and energy programs and was speaking at a forum sponsored by Successful Farming magazine. She says the industry must ensure that flex-fuel vehicles "are experiencing the fuel." She also added that GM will not work on powertrains "when we don't have

Earth Policy Institute suggests moratorium on launching new ethanol plants

Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute says there is little reliable data available to correctly gauge how much grain is needed to feed ethanol distilleries. The federal government says 60 million tons of corn from the 2008 harvest will go to ethanol plants. EPI predicts nearly 140 million tons. So why worry about a few million tons of corn? Food prices around the world.

Study shows Americans pay billions for ethanol subsidies

A recent study conducted by the Swiss-based group called Global Subsidies Initiative revealed the total cost of the tax breaks and subsidies that go into U.S. production of ethanol to be in the whopping range of $5.1 to $6.8 billion for 2006. It estimates that U.S. tax payers shell out about $17 per million BTUs. For comparison, a 1989 study calculated oil and natural gas subsidies at

DOE proposes to delay energy bill's 2010 alternative fuel deadline 20 years

Here's a lesson in legislation over-estimating reality. In 1992, Congress passed an aggressive energy bill requiring that 30 percent of the fuel powering U.S. cars come from sources other than gasoline. Sounds great, but the problem is that we're no where near meeting that deadline. Due to a recent environmental group lawsuit, the Department of Energy was required to develop a revised goal. Last Tuesday, the DOE Derrick Y. Noh