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Renault: You're too fat, Vitaly Petrov!

Imagine you're running an F1 team. You're spending millions to shave precious pounds off the car's weight. And then you hire a driver who's carrying an extra few pounds around the middle, and the advantage is lost.

Renault F1 launches R30 with back to the future livery [w/video]

Renault R30 F1 challenger - Click above for high-res image gallery. Follow the jump to watch video.

REPORT: Renault could sell 40% of its F1 team to Russian investors

A few weeks back, Toyota announced its departure from Formula One, and it looked like Renault could follow. The team had lost its drivers, its team leaders, its sponsors and its reputation. The French automaker's board convened in France to discuss the matter, but no announcement followed, leaving everyone scratching their heads. Well if the latest rumors hold any truth, we could ha

REPORT: Renault board considering following Toyota out of F1

Things have never been this bad for the Renault F1 team. Their performance is light-years behind where it used to be, their star driver is bolting once again, their top management has been thrown out of the sport in disgrace, and its biggest sponsors are leaving en masse. And now, following months if not years of speculation, the French automaker could be preparing to cut its losses

VIDEO: Piquet Jr. does donuts in his Renault F1 car... at Ski Dubai

Click above for the video of Nelson Piquet Jr. putting F1 on ice