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Trina Solar signs up to sponsor Renault F1 team

The Renault Formula One team still isn't anywhere near as green as what the automaker is trying to do with its production lineup, but it does have a new green sponsor. Trina Solar has signed up to promote itself on the side of the R30 race car for the remainder of the 2010 season. In addition to financial support Trina will be providing solar panels for use in the Renault paddock and on top of its hospitality facilities at races.

McLaren, Ferrari, Williams, Renault all favor return of KERS to F1 in 2011

The McLaren Formula One team has joined Ferrari, Renault and Williams in backing the return of kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) to the series in 2011. A handful of teams experimented with these hybrid drive systems in 2009 but everyone abandoned the systems for 2010. McLaren was actually the only team to win a race with a KERS-equipped car in 2009.

Renault F1 launches R30 with back to the future livery [w/video]

Renault R30 F1 challenger - Click above for high-res image gallery. Follow the jump to watch video.

Renault stays in Formula One after selling stake in team

The Renault name will remain on the Formula One grid when the series resumes in 2010 thanks to a deal announced on Wednesday. There had been considerable speculation in recent months that Renault would shut down its F1 effort and follow Honda, BMW and Toyota out the door. These rumors hit a

REPORT: Two bidders step up to acquire Renault F1

Renault looks set to be the next automaker to bail out of Formula 1, and it appears that there are two serious bidders in line to take over the operation. Renault will hold a special board meeting this week to decide on the racing team's fate, and it looks like it may go ahead and just line up a sale right away, instead of announcing a shutdown and then trying work out a sale as Honda and BMW did.

Renault R26 F1 car meets the new Clio RenaultSport

With the new Clio RenaultSport set to take Europe by storm, the French automaker is working overtime to associate the new hot hatch with its enormously successful Formula One program. The 197-horsepower Clio is a car that should give the VW GTI fits, with comparable performance and styling that is equally eye-catching. Most remarkably, the F1 associations are not totally outlandish, as the Clio RS uses aer