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The condenser fan relay and the engine cooling fan relay are, on most vehicles, the same component.

The anti-lock control relay supplies power to the anti-lock brake controller.

Most modern vehicles are equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The fuel pump relay helps your vehicle start the car by pressurizing the fuel system for the first few seconds before the oil pressure’s level takes over.

A starter relay, commonly known as a starter solenoid, is the part of a vehicle which switches a huge electric current to the starter motor, in light of a little control current, and which in turn sets the engine in motion.

All relays, including your headlight closure relay, are used to keep high amperage and voltage systems away from the driver as a safety measure.

Car horns are used for a variety of purposes, not least among these safety.

When you turn the key and nothing happens, most people assume that it's due to a faulty starter or ignition lock assembly.

Electronic relays are used throughout your vehicle.

Intermittent wipers are a great feature for those times that it isn’t raining hard enough to have the wipers going at low speed.

A relay is an electromagnetic switch operated by a relatively small electric current that can turn a much larger electric current on or off.

Automatic shutdown relays are a big part of controlling and operating electrical functions and getting a vehicle to start and run.

It can be a frustrating moment when you turn on your air conditioning, heater, or defroster and no air blows out.

A cooling fan relay is used on vehicles that have an electrical fan to cool the engine.

All vehicles come equipped with headlights, and some vehicles offer you more in terms of lighting.

The main computer relay is responsible for supplying power to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

As technology continues to advance and move forward, so does the way our vehicles operate and run.

The condenser fan relay allows the cooling fan to pull air through the radiator and the condenser to cool the vehicle.

When you start your car, a number of things happen.