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US Marines to convert MV-22 Osprey for air-to-air refueling

Because this aircraft couldn't do enough already.

It won't carry a lot of fuel, but it's enough to keep USMC fighters on station a little longer.

Over a million hydrogen miles have already been driven in the US

Hydrogen-station operator True Zero bills itself as the world's largest.

All these miles come from First Element's True Zero stations.

KC-46 tanker completes first air-to-air refuelling

First USAF Deliveries Slated For August 2017

The Boeing KC-46 Pegasus has completed its first air-to-air refueling, marking a major milestone before low-rate initial production can begin.

F1 teams reject mid-race refueling plan

After the controversial Strategy Group put forward the idea of bringing mid-race refueling back to Formula One, the principals of the individual teams have shot it down.

Lower fuel prices could save US motorists $80 billion in 2015 [w/video]

That's An Average Of $700 Per Family

Americans may save as much as $80 billion on lower gas prices in 2015, Schneider Electric's Matt Smith says on CNBC. And that's at a $2.60 per-gallon price.

US households spent average of $2,600 on gas last year

The good news, for the domestic fossil fuel types, is that US oil production went up. The better news is that more people bought hybrids, plug-ins and high-fuel-economy vehicles, theoretically cutting their gasoline purchases as a result. And yet there remains some bad news for the domestic economy, as average US household spending on gasoline neared record highs last year.

SAE announces J2601 hydrogen fueling standard

Standardizing refueling systems isn't a quick process, and a new set of fueling standards for hydrogen stations were about 13 years in the making. But SAE International (SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers) said this week that it finally settled on a hydrogen refueling standard for light-duty vehicles. For the record, it's called SAE J2601.

Honda installs 3-minute, fast-fuelling hydrogen fuel station in California

OK, but let's see how well Honda can control hydrogen refueling temperature in Houston or Buffalo. That's what some pessimists may be saying now that the Japanese automaker has installed a fast-fueling hydrogen station in the oh-so-temperate environs of Torrance, CA. That city is about 20 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles and a sliver of it actually touches the Pacific Ocean, so we're not talking about wild swings in air temperature here.

California puts legislative muscle, $2b behind hydrogen fueling stations

Last week, California regulators approved a bill that will fund more fleet purchases of zero-emissions vehicles while setting up a network of hydrogen refueling stations throughout the most populous US state.

Just 27 hydrogen refueling stations were installed in 2012, globally

The Hydrogen Superhighway isn't much more than a dirt path right now, with just 27 hydrogen refueling stations installed in the entire world last year, Green Car Reports says, citing Fuel Cell Today. North America was home to eight new hydrogen stations, and five stations were added in Germany. The 27 stations mark a 15-percent increase from 2011 totals.

Automakers thrilled with hydrogen vehicles, consumers still hesitant

"A lot of auto makers believe the fuel-cell vehicle is just a better performing vehicle and just makes more sense." So says Kevin See, a senior analyst of electric vehicles at Lux Research in Boston, told CNN. It's not a surprising thing to say, but it again shows commitments by automakers to develop hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles have been increasing late

Driving an EV is like paying a buck a gallon, eternally

For those nostalgic for mullets, the Cosby Show and Oakland A's dominance, the Nissan Leaf may be for you.