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G-Wiz drivers smiling as refinery strike limits British gas

Drivers of the much-maligned Reva G Wiz, the all-electric quadricycle, have reason to smile this morning as they pass by filling stations with long queues and rationed supplies. The reason for the mayhem can be traced directly to an upcoming two-day walk out by 1,200 employees at Britain's third largest refinery at Grangemouth. Ineos, th

Three steps forward, one step back - BP can dump more waste into Lake Michigan

British Petroleum (now known as simply BP) has found a way to dodge around a Great Lakes anti-pollution law. The law, written in 1970, set a limit on the amount of waste sludge and ammonia that could be dumped into Lake Michigan, as the level of pollution in the lake was getting way out of hand. A clause in the law stated that if a company was dumping at an amount under the limit, they could not increase their pollution, even if it was still under the primary limit.

Energy Star Awards given to two ethanol plants

One of the anti-ethanol arguments running around is that it takes as much energy to produce ethanol as it does gasoline. Thanks to Macon Municipal Utilities and Adkins Energy LLC, another step towards proving that wrong has been made.