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Tesla adds headphones to list of referral program prizes

Automaker maintains 10-vehicle limit for those who refer new customers.

The sixth version of Tesla's referral program started Sunday.

Tesla increases limit with new buyer-referral program

EV fans can earn Tesla rewards through mid-October with new referral deal.

Every Tesla you help sell gets you one chance closer to a free Model X.

Tesla starts new $1,000 referral program for Model S, X

Tesla's referral program runs through July 15.

Tesla also offers prizes for the referring party ranging from 'weekender' bags to blingy wheels.

One person helped sell $16m worth of Tesla models in two months

Top Performer Wins A $130,000 P90D 'Ludicrous' Edition Model S

The winner of Tesla's customer referral deal helped sell 188 electric vehicles in less than two months.

Tesla referral program ends, new one begins

Tesla Ludicrous Model S P90D Up For Grabs

Tesla has started up a new referral program, just as its previous one ends. Top prize? A Ludicrous Model S P90D.

California auto dealers cry foul on Tesla's referral program

As happened in Virginia, California auto dealers have asked the state DMV to crack down on Tesla's referral program, citing a state law banning unlicensed dealers.

Meet the Norwegian who just earned a free Tesla Model X

Bjorn Nyland Is The First Of Three Model X Winners

Norwegian Bjorn Nyland is the first European region winner of Tesla's Model S referral program, and will get a Founder's Edition Model X for free.

Yes, Virginia, Tesla's $1,000 referral bonus is against the rules

Tesla Alters Its New Incentive Program In Virginia

Tesla's $2,000 incentive program makes state officials none too happy, so automaker tweaks it.

Tesla's first incentive is a $1,000 Model S referral [UPDATE]

New Buyer And Friend Can Each Get $1,000 Off A Tesla Purchase

Tesla Motors has announced a new $1,000 referral bonus for current Model S drivers who talk their friends into buying one.